Preparing For The Inspection

Home inspections are generally recommended in the Calgary area as buyers are becoming more savvy about their purchases. As a home seller you should plan for a home inspection to occur and consider the following:

Self Check List


The above self-check list will help you pre inspect for items that don’t require special skills and testing equipment. You can either fix any issues you discover or be straightforward about them and adjust the asking price. If you have recently conducted expensive repairs you should have the receipts available for reference.

Clean Up

Our Inspector looks beyond the normal household clutter to see specific items and clues to potential problems. However, cleaning the home will leave a good impression for both the inspector and the potential buyer. The buyer will likely accompany the home inspector through the home.

Watch the Time

Home inspections generally take 3 – 4 hours and our inspector often arrives a little early. The inspector may be walking around the exterior a little before the prescribed time. For pre-purchase inspections the seller is generally asked to not be home during the inspection so that the inspector and buyer feel free to discuss items about the home.


Home inspectors require adequate room to access appliances, electrical panels, furnaces and attic spaces etc. Try to avoid having boxes and clothes piled up in key areas where the inspector needs to work or place a ladder.


If certain portions of the house require specific keys, other than what the real estate agent can access through the lock-box, please leave them on the kitchen counter.

Utilities ON

The home inspector will be testing and operating items that are electrical or require water pressure and natural gas. If the property is vacant please ensure that the utilities are turned ON for the inspection. If the furnace has a pilot light make sure it is lit.


Our inspector loves dogs and cats but they can occasionally present a problem for the buyer. Please take them with you when you leave the home or have them restrained during the inspection if at all possible.
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